25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary

These days, the 25th wedding anniversary is a huge milestone for a couple. Doing something special to mark this joyous occasion will make it a day both of you can look back on fondly and remember for the next twenty-five years. I like to think of gift ideas in three ways. First, think of something special that takes you back to when you first met and got married. Second, think of a gift your spouse will enjoy receiving for your 25th anniversary. And third, think of something to represent an investment in your relationship together, something that will grow over the next twenty-five years.

Here are some quick anniversary ideas to help you think of how to make your 25th anniversary perfect:

Give A Gift of Silver if You Want to be Traditional
  • Silver is the traditional gift, so you can consider anything in silver. An engraved silver serving platter, cufflinks, a bracelet or necklace. If you don't want to use something that's made of silver, consider working in the silver theme another way. Tickets can go into a silver envelope for example, or just a gift wrapped in silver paper.

  • Drink A Special Bottle of Wine or Champagne
  • A bottle of wine or champagne from the year you were married. Or you could find a bottle from the year when you met each other and began your journey through life together. Anything that reminds you both of when you met will work well here, even a vintage newspaper or magazine can help you to reminisce.

  • Do Something Your Wife of Husband Has Always Wanted to Do
  • You've known your spouse for a longtime now, do something they've always wanted. Learn to dance, travel somewhere they always wanted to go, write them a poem. Do something that shows you're in love and you want to show them how much you care. Show that your love has grown over the twenty-five years that you've shared. A trip to the ballet, opera or theater can be part of a beautiful evening together.

  • Take a Trip Together
  • Now's the time for that long awaited trip to an exotic location, or a weekend getaway to the beach. Find a quaint country cottage or a nice Bed and Breakfast. Big, grand and expensive aren't the focus here, pick something very personal for the two of you. You can use your honeymoon as inspiration too, either the one you had or the one you always wanted.

  • Once you've picked out some basic ideas, use them to help plan your celebration. If you opted for a vintage bottle of wine or champagne for example, most restaurants will allow you to bring it in with you and serve it during dinner for a small corkage fee. If you've planned a trip somewhere, figure out how you want to set the mood when you tell them about it. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help. Hotels, restaurants and other businesses are usually very accommodating and willing to help out with events. Your 25th anniversary is a big deal, so ask ahead of time if you have any special ideas. Good businesses will be thrilled to help you make your anniversary perfect. Let me end by saying congratulations, and I hope you've found some good anniversary gift ideas that will make your 25th anniversary very special and memorable.
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