Anniversary Gifts

A description of traditional wedding anniversary gifts.
Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Here you will find some great Gift Ideas for Anniversary. Or if you are tired of pretending and holding back years of bitterness in a loveless marriage, why not try these Really Bad Anniversary Gifts

First Anniversary Gifts 1st Anniversary Gifts
Giving a clock to a couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary is traditional. The clock symbolizes the many years to come that the couple will celebrate.

Gift ideas for 2nd Anniversary 2nd Anniversary Gifts
A china plate setting makes a great second anniversary gift. Bone china is a type of porcelain first developed in Britain in which bone ash is a major constituent. It is a characterized by high whiteness, translucency and strength.

Third Anniversary Gifts 3rd Anniversary Gifts
A beautiful set of crystal goblets makes a great 3rd anniversary gift.

4th Anniversary Gifts
A kitchen appliance or gadget makes a great 4th anniversary gift. Or you can be more traditional and give a present made from linen or silk.

Fifth Anniversary Gift 5th Anniversary Gifts
For a fifth anniversary, some nice silverware makes a great present. A more traditional anniversary 5th wedding anniversary gift is anything made of wood.

Sixth Anniversary Gifts 6th Anniversary Gifts
Wood objects are recommended for a 6th wedding anniversary gift. These could include something as simple as a wooden picture frame or a piece of furniture.

7th Anniversary Gifts
Desk sets make great 7th anniversary presents. Or you can give a more traditional gift made of wool or copper.

8th Anniversary Gifts
Linens, Lace are great wedding anniversary gifts when a couple has been together for eight years.

9th Anniversary Gifts 9th Anniversary Gifts
Leather goods are the traditional anniversary gifts when someone has been together nine years. A gift of leather could be anything ranging from gloves to a jacket.

10th Anniversary Gifts
If you have made it to your ten year wedding anniversary, congratulations. This is an important milestone. If you have children, they are likely already in school and your relationship has moved to a more mature established level. This is why Diamond jewelry is often given as a gift for this anniversary. It symbolizes eternal love and constancy.

11th Anniversary Gifts
Fashion jewelry is recommended by many as a gift for 11 years together. To me this seems a bit odd considering that the year before you were supposed to give diamonds. Personally I would deviate from the traditional and get something a bit more impressive than fashion jewllery if you don't want to end up in the dog house.

12th Anniversary Gifts
Pearls, colored gems make great 12th wedding anniversary gifts.

13th Anniversary Gifts - fur or textiles 13th Anniversary Gifts
Textiles or furs are recommended as 13th anniversary gifts. However, if you decide to buy a fur, we recommend that you buy a faux fur and not a real one. Furs are harvested by either trapping wild animals or raising fur bearing animals in cages under inhumane conditions. The animals suffer greatly before they are killed. So, please don't buy a real fur. For more information read what PETA has to say on the subject.

14th Anniversary Gifts
Gold jewelry is usually given for a 14 year wedding anniversary.

15th Anniversary Gifts 15th Anniversary Gifts
Watches make a great 15th anniversary gift. You can buy a fancy dress watch or you may wish to go with something extremely unique and unusual. This website features a collection of bizarre steampunk watches.

16th Anniversary Gifts
Silver holloware

17th Anniversary Gifts

18th Anniversary Gifts
Porcelain is the recommended gift for an 18th anniversary.

19th Anniversary Gifts

20th Anniversary Gifts

21st Anniversary Gifts
Brass or nickel are the

22nd Anniversary Gifts
Copper is the traditional gift to celebrate twenty two years together. Just don't get them a penny, or you won't see your 23rd anniversary!

23rd Anniversary Gifts
Silver Plate

24th Anniversary Gifts
Musical Instruments are said to be the a great way to celebrate 24 years together. However, if your loved one doesn't know how to play an instrument, this may hurt your ear drums!

25th Anniversary Gifts 25th Anniversary Gifts
Sterling Silver is a classic gift for your twenty-fifth anniversary. The 25th year wedding anniversary is known as the Silver Anniversary, and is an important milestone in any marriage.

30th Anniversary Gifts

35th Anniversary Gifts

40th Anniversary Gifts

45th Anniversary Gifts

50th Anniversary Gifts - Gold 50th Anniversary Gifts
Not many couples are fortunate enough to celebrate their fiftieth anniversay together; for those that do, this important milestone anniversary is an opportunity to look back on a happy marriage and a life well lived together. Gold is the traditional gift for a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary.

55th Anniversary Gifts

60th Anniversary Gifts

70th Anniversary Gifts
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